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7 Things to consider before buying a crib mattress

by Susain Brain . 0 Comments


Whether you are planning to buy a crib for your future baby or as a gift for your friend’s baby, you need to know that this is not an easy task and it would require a lot of considerations before you fix on one crib mattress. The crib mattress is an important investment for the baby and if chosen wrongly, it could cause a lot of discomfort to your little bundle of joy.

So we have compiled a list of things which you should consider before you end up buying a crib:

  1. Price

The first step in buying a crib mattress is to decide on a budget and doing a thorough research on it. You will find mattresses in a variety of range and the best way to decide on one would be to read the customer reviews and check what all features the mattress has.

Don’t go for cheap ones without a thorough research because the comfort of your child is greater than a few extra bucks. So make sure you check cribs and their prices and compare their features before choosing one for your baby.

  1. Size

It is crucial that you buy a right sized mattress for your baby’s crib as your baby will be spending nearly 18 hours in the crib and any mattress which doesn’t fit the crib properly poses a problem for your baby. According to US law, all the cribs mattresses must be a size of 27 ¼ inches by 51 5/8 inches and 6 inches high.

So make sure you check that the mattress is a perfect fit for your crib, you can go to stores and actually test this before buying it. As a rule, if you are able to fit more than 2 fingers in between a crib and a mattress, then the mattress is not the perfect fit for the crib. Go for foam mattresses with the bigger size as they can be trimmed to a desirable size.

  1. New Product

It might seem like a tempting idea to get a used crib mattress for your baby but do not make that mistake, you don’t know how hygienic that mattress is. A new mattress will make sure that it lasts longer and is sanitary, unlike the used mattress about which you would have no clue really.

Sometimes the used mattress have mold and bacteria covered on them due to incorrect storage or improper cleaning which could prove harmful for your baby. So always go for a new mattress.

  1. Safety and comfort

Make sure that you choose a firm mattress which doesn’t sink around your baby and provides them with a proper support. Go to stores and check if a mattress is firm or not by applying a little pressure on its surface, if the surface springs back to its original position then it is a firm mattress.

Check whether the mattress would be comfortable and is soft enough for your baby. Ensure that the mattress has a good foam density and won’t get ruined after some time. Make sure you check all these criteria before buying a mattress.

  1. Quality

Whatever you choose, make sure it is of good quality and avoid cheaper versions of the same. Cheap mattresses of foam or innerspring tend to have thin vinyl coverings and edgings which are easy to damage. You can surely find a good mattress at a price between $100 to $300 but it is a given that high-priced mattress will be more safe and comfortable.

A high-priced mattress will have a thick covering, better-cushioning, reinforced laminates, etc., all of which will ensure your baby’s safety. So always go for quality when buying a new mattress.

  1. Test and Try

Mattress selection is an important task which you can’t do by just sitting at home. There are various features to be tested which you can’t check up online and be satisfied with your find. Do a thorough research first, check for user reviews about the various mattresses and once you have decided on a few options, go to the store and check them out.

Check how comfortable they are and if they are the right size for your crib and what all features they have which would help your baby. Check as many mattresses as required and test them before selecting one.

  1. Durability

You don’t want a mattress which you would need to replace in just a few months. Babies and toddlers spend the majority of their day inside a crib so it is crucial to find a mattress which lasts longer saving you the additional cost that you might incur on buying a new mattress.

Look for the warranty and go for the mattress which would go a long way, maybe long enough to support your next baby too.