Why Is Baking Soda Such a Good Cleaner?

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Baking Soda or the sodium Bicarbonate is basically a form of salt. However, this is just not what we all consider to be a good place. Well, Baking soda is indeed one of the best things that you can get and it has some more functions apart from cooking.

From its immense importance in baking recipes there are many more options for you to utilize the functions of baking soda and yes, it acts widely as a good cleaner. However, before you get started make sure you get the right kitchen faucet for cleaning purposes, I’d recommend an industrial faucet like the¬†Moen S7597CSL.

Well, a lot of people do search over the internet for Why Is Baking Soda Such a Good Cleaner? The answer is here!

It absorbs odors

Unlike the air fresheners or the candles, the baking soda has its own way of treating bad odor. Baking soda is actually widely active in absorbing the bad smell more than covering it.


It generally acts much faster and as a result of this, the work function of the baking [soda is much better. This is just because the baking soda is basic component and most of the odors are acidic. However the reaction takes place in the presence of air which makes the environment to be neutral.

It reacts with vinegar

The acid base reaction in between baking soda and vinegar is just awesome. The reaction is widely active and works better than anything to clean up the utensils. Well, it is almost 10 times better than a natural soap.


The baking soda and the vinegar volcano might just not be a simple experiment anymore and the explosive chemical reactions might just be the trick to clean up your entire kitchen. It is so strong that even a certain amount of the mixture might just be enough to unclog a drain and a sewage system.

It’s slightly abrasive

There are a few and certain components that make out baking soda to be far better than any other components. Well, if you are planning to use soap, then being just a basic component, the baking soda is just what you would need.


Well, it is slightly abrasive in nature but it is still a great component of cleaning. It has some abrasive components that give the grit to dislodge particles and remove the stains easily. The soap on the other hand contains some fatty elements which are not good for effective stain removing.

It passes gas

Well, a lot of people might just believe that the use of baking soda will change the environment but it is not true. The baking soda actually contains neutralizing substances that generate the carbon dioxide gasses with a small amount of smell.


If you leave a certain amount of baking soda open overnight, it will generate a new gas in the room which will create the atmosphere to be friendly and conventional for everyone. However, when heated over 300 degrees, the baking soda releases gasses naturally which helps in instant smell.

Thus with all the properties, the Baking Soda can easily be considered to be a great cleaner.

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